Women in Business Initiative Steams Ahead

Marie Macklin is pleased to welcome a further 6 business women into her Mentoring & Sponsorship program in conjunction with Ayrshire Association of Business Women & Association of Scottish Business women .

Marie said 'It is a privilege to meet and mentor such aspiring business women who have a true entrepreneurial spirit. The women of Scotland are driving local economies which is in turn creating jobs and opportunities for all, and any assistance I can give to support their aspirations and dreams is as always the top of my agenda'.

However the Scottish business community need to partner and have more collaboration with the various businesswomen associations and the Scottish Government. There is many super people doing great work in Scotland but the private sector requires to be more integrated with the education system, so girls and for that matter boys as well, of all ages can become business ready and improve aspiration, which can only be a big positive for all sectors of communities in turn creating an entrepreneurial economy and jobs.