East Ayrshire Council Question Time

Marie Macklin was recently a panel member at Esat Ayrshire Council's Question Time event.

This was an informal session and an opportunity for women to discuss the challenges of juggling a family and succesful career.  Panel members were: Fiona Lees, Chief Executive of East Ayrshre Council, Wai Yin Hatton, Chief Executive of NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Marie Macklin, Chairwoman of the Klin Group, Heather Dunk, Principal of Kilmarnock College, Fiona Skilling, General manager of CVO Ltd East Ayrshire and was Chaired by Provost Stephanie Young.

This session was open to all women who work and live in East Ayrshire. Marie said "It was a pleasure to be a panel member at East Ayrshire Councils  Question Time Event. I met great women with ‘Girl Power ‘. They asked me topical, interesting and fun questions and If I can give them a little bit of  inspiration then that is a job well done. I took from the night that we have some fantastic women in East Ayrshire who contribute a great deal to our community”